To be admitted to the first level postgraduate courses, it is necessary to have one of the following qualifications:

  1. Italian bachelor’s degrees – laurea triennale
  2. Bachelor’s degree obtained out of Italy (three years University education) that the administrative

    office of Iuav University will consider equivalent to Italian qualification for being admitted to the first level postgraduate courses.

It is clarified that:
→ candidates with a foreign degree, at the moment of the admission request, must provide and upload through the online procedure:

  •   official certified copy of academic degree in original language and official translation into the Italian language of the qualification obtain official together with the transcript of records in the original language and translate in Italian,
  •   the Declaration of Value issued by the competent Italian Embassy in the country where the institution which issued the qualification is located.

    → these documents are mandatory for enrolling to the postgraduate courses; in fact, candidates must present all these documents in their original form at the moment of the enrolment to the postgraduate courses, that is within the deadline established for the enrolment, after the publication of the final results, as established by the Call

Take care that:
If you have not yet the Declaration of Value, you can obtain it, in an easier way, through the online service of Iuav University, clicking on the following link:

course: annual
teaching hours: 375
university credits: 60
hours of internship: 375
sede / sedi di svolgimento dell’attività didattica: Iuav – Palazzo Badoer
numero massimo di posti disponibili per studenti iscritti alle singole attività formative: 5 per pacchetto